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Birmingham residents to receive COVID-19 vaccine

Story by: Kayla Kreutzberg

Photo by: Birmingham Retirement Community

Residents at Birmingham Retirement Community are feeling a sense of hope today because majority of them will be receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

Maija McCahery, marketing manager at Birmingham Retirement Community said residents are beaming with joy.

“They’re excited to get back to normal activities soon which we’re hoping, you know, this vaccination is going to help us all continue fight this awful pandemic, and will enhance their lives,” McCahery said.

McCahery said they have been quite fortunate at Birmingham as they currently have no COVID-19 outbreaks.

“And [we] have had no outbreaks, we had a scare, but no actual official outbreak,” she said.

She said residents have been feeling quite sheltered.

“But, we’ve done the best we can to keep them all happy and safe, and again, keep the virus from coming into our building and causing a potentially dangerous and disastrous situation,” McCahery said.

McCahery said staff are excited as well because the residents are so thrilled.

“This is probably the first time in a long time since just before Christmas, you know, for the residents to have excitement and hope,” she said.

She said Christmas was their biggest struggle for residents.

“Trying to help residents understand that there was a much greater risk of them contracting the virus and perhaps infecting their friends if they had been allowed to be at family homes for Christmas, and outings,” McCahery said.

McCahery said residents have come to an understanding that the lockdown is super important.

She said residents are feeling uplifted by today’s opportunity.

“Especially because we’re such a small town, and a small community to be one of the top, you know, five in the local area to receive the vaccination is very exciting, very momentous,” she said.

She added that Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph (WDG) Public Health Emergency Medical Services (EMS) workers will be travelling to Birmingham to administer the vaccination shots, and some staff will also receive it.

Residents will receive their second vaccine shot 19-28 days from today.