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Mayor Andy Lennox talks infrastructure when looking back on 2020

Story by: Kayla Kreutzberg

Photo by: Chris Holden

Mount Forest Mayor Andy Lennox said it’s been a challenging year responding to the changes COVID-19 has brought along with it.

However, Mayor Lennox said despite COVID-19, many infrastructure renewal projects were still able to carry on.

“The reconstruction of Fergus Street in Mount Forest, and Georgina Street in Arthur, and of course, the Arthur wastewater treatment plant the upgrades are coming to a close and should be ready for use in 2021,” Lennox said.

He said that in terms of applications for development, they are coming in faster than they have ever before.

“Construction of particularly, residential stuff, has been ramping up this year,” Lennox said. “Despite the challenges this year and I expect that to continue to next year, [there’s] a big demand for housing, and we’re seeing that reflected in the applications, in the numbers, and of course, we are having to look at some infrastructure building to accommodate that.”

Lennox said that the Arthur wastewater treatment plant that will be completed shortly will accommodate some more growth.

He added that some upgrades to the water tower in Mount Forest will be done in the new year, and the township is looking forward to planning for an additional water storage.