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WDG Public Health set to launch municipality data on COVID-19 cases

Story by: Kayla Kreutzberg

Photo by: Kayla Kreutzberg

Privacy and safety concerns were among the reasons why Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph (WDG) Public Health decided to not offer municipality specific data on COVID-19 cases.

Danny Williamson, communication specialist with WDG Public Health said they’ve been talking with their community partners, whether that’s municipal partners or others in the health care space.

“There’s been a demand both from our partners and the public to get more local with the data, and so that’s something we’re trying to respond to,” Williamson said. “The [COVID-19] dashboard and the publicly available information has kind of shifted and grown throughout COVID-19, so it is something that we have been trying to do on an ongoing basis.”

Williamson said tomorrow (December 1) people will be able to go on the COVID-19 dashboard, and see that the information will be drilled down to a more granular level.

He said right now on their website they have the whole region, and they have the three main jurisdictions.

“But basically, you’ll be able to go down another level into that localized data,” Williamson said. “But it will be kind of at the municipal level. You know, so Minto is a good example. Minto you’ll be able to see specifically, that information.”

However, Williamson said the COVID-19 dashboard is only as good as who’s getting tested.

“It’s also thinking about it this way, which is, really if there are two cases in Centre Wellington, what it tells us is that two people tested positive in Centre Wellington, what it doesn’t tell us is what is the totality of COVID-19 look like in Centre Wellington,” he said.

Williamson said WDG Public Health are really still encouraging people to think about every interaction, and every place they go as a place where they could give COVID-19 or get it.

“The [COVID-19] dashboard is great, and it tell us a lot of stuff, but it’s not the only kind of guide post in how we should be judging our actions,” Williamson said.

He adds that it’s important for people to understand what the dashboard is, and what it’s good at, but also that is has limitations.