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Perth-Wellington hospitals to receive $3.4 million in new funding

Hospitals across Perth-Wellington will benefit from over $3.4 million in new funding as part of the provincial government’s commitment to small and medium-sized hospitals.

In a news release yesterday, Perth Wellington MPP, Randy Pettapiece says “We rely on our local hospitals. In this time of COVID-19, we need them even more. That is why I am so pleased this provincial government is supporting them.”

“It is an investment in the dedicated health care professionals working so hard in every corner of our riding. I want to thank every one of them. They are providing excellent care despite really challenging circumstances.”

Here’s the breakdown.  North Wellington Health Care Corporation will see a 2% increase.  Listowel Memorial Hospital will get a 1.9% increase, St. Marys Memorial Hospital and Stratford General Hospital will each get a 3.5% increase.