Local News


The Grand River Conservation Authority is reminding and asking the public to respect the rules and restrictions that are in place at their parks.  The urgent message comes after several Grand River Parks experienced a number of problems with visitors not following rules or respecting restrictions and closures on Saturday.  Further to this, a considerable amount of garbage and other waste was left throughout the conservation areas, in particular at Guelph Lake.  SO much so, that Guelph Lake could not open until 10 yesterday, just to allow time for the extra clean up. 

Visitors are reminded that:

  • physical distancing is required; people should stay at least two metres or six feet apart, and are not to congregate in groups
  • Some Grand River Parks are open for limited recreational activities (hiking, birdwatching, fishing, boating)
  • all beaches and swimming areas are closed
  • all buildings and on-site facilities, including washrooms, gatehouses, picnic areas and playgrounds remain closed; no equipment rentals are available

See the FULL list at grandriver.ca/covid19.