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Police Investigation Near Mount Forest Relates To Death Of Officer: Name Announced


Owen Sound Police have named the West Grey officer who died Tuesday morning just north of Mount Forest. He’s been identified as Const. Cory Trainor, 28, who was the force’s Media Relations and Corporate Communications Officer. Police say he was found dead in a police vehicle which was parked at Grey Road 109 and Southgate Road 6 on Tuesday morning.

The Owen Sound Police Service is conducting an investigation into an incident near Mount Forest, in relation to the death of a West Grey Police officer.

Grey Road 109 was blocked off and barricaded north of Mount Forest for several hours yesterday due to a police investigation.

An OPP spokesperson initially confirmed an investigation was ongoing but did not provide additional details. Later, the spokesperson indicated Owen Sound Police had taken over the investigation.

In a statement, West Grey Police acknowledged it was grieving the loss of one of its officers who had died yesterday morning.

Provincial Police, Owen Sound Police or West Grey Police have not provided any details about the circumstances surrounding the officer’s death — only that it is not considered suspicious.