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Ontario Dental Association has warnings about Halloween Candy

MOUNT FOREST – Halloween is fast approaching, and children across Wellington County are counting the minutes until they can scour their neighbourhoods for free candy.

Dentists all around the County are well aware of children eating to much candy, that’s why the Ontario Dental Association is trying to educate parents and kids about how your favourite candy can do serious damage to your mouth in the long term.

Some of the treats that can harm your teeth include, Chips which can stick to teeth and break down into sugar which can cause cavities, Hard candy like suckers soak your teeth in sugar causing cavities or biting down on hard candy can crack or chip your teeth.

The Ontario Dental Association also recommends tooth friendly snacks for trick-or-treating like Nuts, they are a healthy and more tooth-friendly snack or sugar-free chewing gum which is great for your teeth and your breath.

The ODA also give terrific tips and tricks to keep your teeth healthy and cavity free, swish your mouth with water after eating your candy to wash away the sugar, try to eat your candy after a meal to limit the chances of eating to much, if you eat cheese before your candy it provides a protective and vitamin-rich coating on your teeth.

The Ontario Dental Association is a voluntary professional association for dentists in Ontario established in 1867. Over 9,000 dentists across the province are apart of the ODA and is Ontario’s primary source of information on oral health and the dental profession.

Have fun Trick-or-Treating but always remember to keep your teeth safe from cavities.