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Hanover man charged after Ayton stabbing

AYTON – A 39 year old man from Hanover is facing a laundry list of charges after a stabbing in Ayton.

Police say a man and a woman were having a heated argument inside a parked car on Louisa Street on Sunday. Suddenly a third man entered the back of the vehicle and started stabbing the man in the passenger seat with a butterfly knife. 
A fight ensued and the woman was able to separate the two men. She was also stabbed in the palm of her hand trying to break up the fight. Both the man and the woman were taken to a hospital with stab wounds and are listed in stable condition. 
39 year old Michael Gagnon of Hanover was arrested and is facing the following charges: 
1. Aggravated Assault s.268 CC
2. Assault with a weapon s.267(a) CC
3. Possession of weapon for dangerous purpose s.88 CC
4. Possession of a weapon knowledge of unauthorized possession s.92(2) CC