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Slow Down For Farm Vehicles: OPP

WELLINGTON COUNTY – Wellington OPP are reminding drivers to slow down and respect big farm vehicles. 
You will notice more tractors on our roadways this time of year as farmers continue to plant and spray manure. Constable Ed Sanchuk says they really want to preach patience. 
“If you are coming upon a piece of farm machinery on our roadways, please slow down and please do not pass until it is safe to do so. If you are beeping your horn at a farmer, they can’t hear you with the sounds of the motor happening in that machine and if you go to pass make sure that farmer is not turning left in front of you, because ultimately you will be at fault.” 
Sanchuk says he has seen way to many accidents from over aggressive drivers who pass when it is unsafe to do so. 
“In the past we have seen several collisions inolving farm machinery where vehicles are attempting to pass and the farmer is turning left, hitting the vehicle, we have also seen a number of collisions where the vehicle clips the wheel of the tractor, causing it to flip over.” 
Sanchuk says farmers can do there part by making sure they turn their four ways off when they are going to turn, so that they properly signal the turn. Sanchuk also wanted to give a big shout out to all of our farmers, they do a great job for us, every single day.