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Ever Lost Your Keys? War Amps Service Can Help Get Them Back

MOUNT FOREST – Residents in Mount Forest and Wellington County should start seeing their War Amps key chains arrive in the mail this week. 

The key chains are coded and if you lose your keys anyone who finds them can drop them off to any Canada Post mailbox or call the 1-800 number on the back of the key chain and the keys will be returned to you. Public Awareness Officer James Jordan says the hope is that some people will donate a few dollars. 
“If people find value in this service they often choose to donate, especially with the high replacement cost with electronic keys and remote devices so people are definitely finding value in that service.”
Jordan says since they started doing this, they have returned over 1.5 million keys. 
“It’s a very valuable service that we have, it was started by war amputee veterans shortly after the second World War these service men, they wanted to continue to give back to Canada.” 
All of the money raised will go towards helping child amputees in Canada get artificial arms and legs.
“Well artificial arms and legs can cost upwards of $25,000 and so without the help of the War Amps, child amputees and their families would not be able to afford these artificial limbs and lead healthy and active lifestyles.” 
The key chains have been mailed out already and residents in Wellington County can expect to see them in the next couple of weeks. 
The War Amps is an organization that consists of amputees helping other amputees. Here’s a list of the ways they have helped improve their quality of life;
– Provide financial assistance to amputees for their artificial limbs.
– Educate amputees with information on artificial limbs and all aspects of living with amputation.
– Encourage child amputees to develop a positive approach to amputation through comprehensive programs including tools for future independence.
– Assist war amputees and seriously disabled veterans.
– Advocate for the rights and interests of all amputees.
– Employ amputees and others with disabilities at the Key Tag Service sheltered workshop and throughout the Association.
– Serve the public through the Key Tag Service, PLAYSAFE and DRIVESAFE programs and Operation Legacy initiatives.