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Local Crime Stoppers Program Winner of 5 International Awards

The Guelph/Wellington division of Crime Stoppers received five awards from the 2018 Crime Stoppers International Awards ceremony last week.
Among the awards received were two Best Special Report/Feature award for a two-part episode series for TV Cogeco and The Grand at 101’s Swap Talk, Best Website award for www.csgw.tips, Best Digital Platform award for their creative content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, and Special Project for a Program award, ‘It Takes a Village – Crimes Against Youth’.
The awards were received on behalf of CSGW by Crime Stoppers Canada president David Forster, in The Hague, Netherlands.
“(CSGW) was the recipient of five Awards judged by an independent panel from submissions from 26
countries around the world,” said Forster. “Each nomination was critiqued based on a specific set of criteria and compared with similar population groups worldwide.”
Crime Stoppers Guelph/Wellington won the most awards of all divisions in 2018, increasing their award count by three from last year.
“We are extremely happy, and proud, that CSGW has been recognized by Crime Stoppers International with these awards,” proclaimed Deryck West, Vice-Chair of the CSGW Board of Directors. “But more importantly, we are happy that the communities we partner with share in these accomplishments.”
“It is rewarding to be recognized for the work we are doing in the City of Guelph and the County of Wellington,” said Sarah Bowers-Peter, Program Coordinator. “We will continue to do our best work, not for recognition, but to ensure the public has confidence in the program and our ability to help them solve crime in their community.”