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The Big Four Are Responsible For 156 Deaths So Far This Year Say OPP

WELLINGTON COUNTY – As of October 1st, 156 deaths on Ontario roads have been linked to what the OPP refer to as the “Big Four”: aggressive or reckless driving, drug/alcohol impaired driving, inattentive driving, and failure to use a seatbelt.
This year,  50 deaths were attributed to speeding, one form of reckless driving. 37 deaths were caused by inattentive drivers, 35 deaths were the result of alcohol/drug impaired driving, and neglectful seatbelt use resulted in the loss of 34 lives.
Over the Thanksgiving weekend, OPP joined forces with police from across the country for a campaign called Operation Impact. Aimed at increasing public compliance with road safety, police specifically crack down on the Big Four to reduce the risks of collisions.
“So far this year, the OPP has laid more than 175, 155 charges against aggressive, inattentive, alcohol and drug impaired drivers, and unbuckled vehicle occupants,” said Deputy Commissioner Brad Blair. “The three behaviours associated with driving are linked to 15, 269 collisions to date, 96 of which were fatal. The goal of Operation Impact is not about issuing traffic tickets. It is about seeing every driver, without police intervention, refrain from risky driving behaviours and every vehicle occupant buckled up.”
During the campaign, Wellington County OPP laid 59 speeding charges, 5 reckless driving charges, 8 failure to use a seat belt charges, 3 distracted driving charges, and 6 impaired driving charges.