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Smoking Pot Rules Same As Tobacco & Vaping – Where Can You Smoke It?

PERTH COUNTY – The Perth County Health Unit wants to remind residents about the new law surrounding marijuana smoke and vaping.
Vaping and Marijuana currently fall under the Smoke Free Ontario Act. Tobacco Enforcement Officer with the Perth District Health Unit Joel Skelding says this means you can’t just smoke or vape wherever you want.
“Simply put, under the new SFOA, 2017, where smoking tobacco is prohibited, smoking cannabis and the vaping of any substance, are also prohibited,” says Joel Skelding.”
Prohibitions include enclosed workplaces and public areas, restaurant patios, hospital grounds, and within 20 metres of playgrounds and sport fields. In addition, the following areas are now also included in the SFOA, 2017:
– Within 9 metres of the perimeter of bar and restaurant patios.
– On recreation facility property and within a 20 metre perimeter of their grounds.
– Public areas within 20 metres of the perimeter of school grounds.
The Health Unit is also reminding everyone that driving impaired will not be tolerated and it is the same penalty to drive drunk as it is to drive high. Cannabis impacts motor skills, alertness, decision making skills, and reaction time, making it dangerous to drive. Always plan a safe ride, and never drive high.