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Township of Mapleton’s CAO Charges Dropped

MAPLETON – Criminal charges against the CAO of the Township of Mapleton have been withdrawn.

All of the charges against CAO Manny Baron were dropped inside a Sarnia Courthouse on Thursday. In a statement from Mayor Neil Driscoll,

“Today we celebrate, we knew from the beginning as Mr. Baron was very upfront in the hiring process that this could be a lengthy process. Council and I knew early on that we were going to reap the benefits of Petrolia‚Äôs loss. He came to us with vast experience, excellent references and a great knowledge of how we could prepare Mapleton for the future.”

Driscoll continued to bring praise to Mr. Baron and the team that has been created at the Township of Mapleton.

“We have had a very productive nine months with our CAO and look forward to the success and vision he has in store for the Township of Mapleton.”

Driscoll says the Township has benefitted from Baron’s work. He points to the recent rerating of the waste water, attracting new business and development to the area and the evolvement of renewed relationships with the community and its stakeholders.