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Police Warn of Internet Threats/Bribes

WELLINGTON COUNTY – Wellington OPP is issuing a warning to residents after police received several reports regarding threats received on the internet.
In multiple occurrences victims are advising police that after meeting someone thru social media networks intimate photos were exchanged.
The victim begins communicating with someone on a social media platform and is eventually persuaded to send intimate photos to the individual. Photos are then used to blackmail the victim into sending cash. Threats are made that if money is not sent the photo will be posted on social media and sent to family and friends. This is being targeted at both men and women regardless of sexual orientation.
The OPP are reminding all residents to be extremely vigilant when meeting anyone over the internet and reminding everyone that once you send photos and videos you lose control of them and they can be used against you.
If someone does start demanding payment and threatening you regarding photos or videos block them from all social media, screen shot their messages they have sent and contact police.