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Christine Robinson is Running for Mayor of West Grey

WEST GREY – A familiar face is looking to become Mayor of West Grey Council.

Christine Robinson has 32 years of municipal government experience under her belt and has also participated on multiple provincial committees.

She has been on the Board of Directors for several organizations including the West Grey Chamber of Commerce, the Neustadt & District Horticultural Society and the Durham and District Agricultural Society. She is also a member of the Women’s Institute Centreville Chapter; the Durham & District Horticultural Society; the Neustadt-Normanby-Carrick Agricultural Society and the Miniature Horse Club of Ontario.

Robinson has big plans for the future.

“As Mayor, I will foster a ‘fresh start’ for West Grey by ensuring the efficient and effective delivery of core services, respecting the taxpayer, investing in our economic future and promoting transparency for West Grey government actions.”

West Grey residents will be heading to the polls on Monday October 22nd.