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Where is Spring?

MOUNT FOREST – It doesn’t look like we are going to get a nice Spring day for the foreseeable future.
Environment Canada. Meteorologist Etienne Gregoire says he doesn’t see anything in the long term forecast that indicates a nice Spring Day .
“I would define a real nice Spring day, let’s say a day time high in the low teens, mid teens, there is really nothing on the horizon in the next couple of weeks that would indicate anything close to the mid teens. It does look like some moderation towards the end of the month but I would certainly hope so because by the end of the month our daytime highs should be in the mid teens.”
Gregoire says April is going to be really cold month.
“Overall this month of April will go down in history as a really cold month because if there was a sign of warm air in the next couple of weeks, I would say we could be all right overall, but there is no sign of warm air coming our way.”