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The search for Kaden needs you

GRAND VALLEY – Volunteers got to enjoy an Easter dinner in gratitude of their hard work searching for a boy who was taken by the current in the Grand River.
6 weeks ago onĀ February 21, 3 year old Kaden Young was swept from his mothers arms while they tried to escape their flooded minivan.
Since then, hundreds of volunteers have dedicated their time to try and find the boy, even during Easter Weekend.
The family of Kaden cooked an Easter feast including turkey and all the fixings to give back to the volunteers for never quitting the search no matter how slow the process.
Volunteers are not taking the job lightly, they are determined. They will not rest until he is found.
A memorial was started and has now grown and continues to be added to on the bridge above the river where him and his mother were pulled in. It consists of toys, stuffed animals, candles and a rest in peace sign with the boys photo.
Search groups meet each morning at 9 to get a briefing. If you’d like more info, visitĀ https://www.facebook.com/groups/208839769860904/