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Volunteers coming from far and wide to help find Kaden

GRAND VALLEY – The news of little Kaden Young being swept away into the Grand River on February 21 has touched people from far and wide.
One woman from Norwich Ontario has spent the last two weeks in the Grand Valley area, assisting in the search for the missing three year old after he was swept away by flooding waters from his mother’s arms.
When Lisa DePoorter heard the news, she touched base with another local from her area a couple of days afterwards and they came to help on a Saturday.
“After we went home that day I was just so touched by everybody here and how much help that was being put forward, I told my husband that if I could find a place to stay, that I was going back for the week.”
DePoorter found a place to stay in Arthur, before eventually booking a room at a bed and breakfast close to Kaden’s parent’s home.
“I’ve been not physically out on the search; I know that I can’t handle that part of it. But anything else that they need, I will do whatever they need.”
She has grown quite close to the family; helping them around their home during this tough time. She also knows of people who have donated food and drinks for the search party.
“If you can’t physically do the search, there are so many other ways to just help and whatever people can do would be awesome. We will find him and we will bring him home for the parents to have closure.”