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Search for Kaden continues

ORANGEVILLE – Each day around 9 a.m. a group gathers to continue the tragic search little Kaden Young.
Volunteers and family members meet at the boys’ family home west of Orangeville to begin the daily scour along the stretch of the Grand River, the area where the boy was swept away from his mothers arms in the recent flooding.
The search team are each given section to look for the 3 year old, but so far the search has not been successful.  In the initial days of the search, volunteers looking for the boy were each covering areas as large as five kilometres a day, but its been reported that the search is now being narrowed down to about 300 to 500 meters a day for each person searching.
The family as well as police are asking for more volunteers to assist in the search efforts.
Dufferin OPP will be flying a helicopter over the area throughout the next week and will also be deploying the diving team once again in their efforts to recover the boy.