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Police Remind Drivers To Slow Down As March Break Is Upon Us

Mount Forest – Schools out for March Break this week.
Police Constable Nikki VanLeeuwen is reminding motorists to slow down and watch out for the little ones who will outside playing, enjoying the nice weather.
“So we want motorists to be aware that we are going to have a lot of young people, it’s supposed to be decent weather, so they are going to be out walking, cycling, so we just want people to slow down pay attention, so we don’t have any preventable collisions, pedestrian collisions or cyclists being struck by cars.”
VanLeeuwen says it is also important for parents to talk with their kids.
“Parents just need to take some time and have a chat with their children, talking about home safety, if a stranger comes to the door, what to do, if they get a phone call, how to respond to that, if they ask if their parents are home. If they are out and about on their bikes, make sure they are wearing their helmets and they are cycling safely and if they are at parks, what to do in an emergency and who to go to get help if they need it.”
The kids also need to know what to do in the case of an emergency and who they can contact.