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Perth Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece comments on Liberal budget

PERTH – WELLINGTON – The provincial budget is out and it comes with a lot of big announcements.
The Liberals are planning on spending $2.2 billion on free licensed daycare for preschool aged kids over the next three years. They’re implementing a yearly benefit of $750 for seniors over 75 still living at home as well. The government is also planning on introducing a new program to help cover the costs of pharmaceutical drugs and dental care for Ontarians without benefits.
But the budget also includes a deficit of $6.7 billion, with no plans to balance the budget for another six years.
Perth Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece says it’s hard to look past that.
“Fifteen years of Liberal government have brought us waste, scandal, mismanagement, massive debt, and tax hikes, this budget changes none of that, it just makes it worse”.
The Liberals will be increasing taxes for 1.8 million people and over 20,000 businesses.
Pettapiece says this is a budget that is bad news for Ontario.
“This pre-election spending spree confirms that the Liberals can’t be trusted. They’ll say anything to stay in power. Many local small businesses are already struggling because of this government’s reckless policies. They can’t afford this budget, which will only make life more unaffordable and drive jobs out of rural and small-town Ontario.”
The government’s promise to invest $1.8 billion in developmental services, is something Pettapiece welcomes, adding that it is long overdue.