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MPP Bill Walker says Liberal budget is designed to buy votes

BRUCE-GREY / OWEN SOUND – MPP Bill Walker says the Liberal budget released includes binge-spending designed to buy votes and keep Kathleen Wynne in power at Queen’ Park.
The Liberal government has been widely criticized for the budget announcements, and touted as a liberal spending spree.  Walker believes it is all for immediate satisfaction only.
“None of her promises have long-term thinking, which explains why she did not address in today’s budget speech mass school closures, hallway medicine and growing wait lists for health care, all problems her party created during its 15 years in power in Ontario.”
Walker says what is most worrying is the massive tax hikes on over two million Ontarians and their families.
A few short months ago, the Liberals were promising balanced budgets for years to come.  Walker isn’t convinced they are prepared to do that anytime soon.
“The Liberals have broken this promise, and are plunging Ontario into a massive $6.7 billion deficit. They are sadly predicting billion dollar deficits for the next six years, while tripling our debt.”
The MPP would rather see money invested in public services that people can access, rather than seeing $1 billion spent every month in interest payments on debt.
“Just think what services people could receive if we were investing this money in our communities!