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Don’t drink and drive, now matter what colour the beer is.

The bar scene is going to be quite busy this weekend, as many will be celebrating St Patrick’s Day.
If you’re planning on enjoying a couple of green beers, you shouldn’t plan on driving yourself home.
Constable Tyler Allard says they will be on the lookout for impaired drivers this weekend.
“Officers will be diligent on St. Paddy’s Day and be focusing on the popular drinking spots. We will be doing a RIDE program in that evening and into the early morning hours of Sunday as well.”
If you’re drinking make sure you arrange a ride home with a taxi or designated driver beforehand. If you’re planning on hosting a party, it’s also your job to make sure your guests get home safely.
Allard says drinking and driving can have serious consequences.
“Obviously the risks of potentially harming somebody or killing somebody as well as fines, impounding your vehicle and things like that.”