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OPP Kids Program Alive & Well In Centre Wellington

TOWNSHIP OF CENTRE WELLINGTON – It’s a partnership that would put a smile on anyone’s face.  The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and grade six students at J.D. Hogarth Public School in Fergus are giving back to the community through random acts of kindness as part of the OPP Kids Program.
The program is an eight to ten week program for grade six students, and is currently delivered to 32 elementary schools across Wellington County.  During this time healthy relationships, personal boundaries, social media and online safety are topics discussed with students.
The kindness began last fall under the direction of Constable Jen Tschanz who teamed up with the classes and went out in to the community to do a “Rake and Run” where students raked up leaves in various neighbourhoods.
Come winter time, just last week,  the same group of students did a “Shovel and Run” where students took to the sidewalks and driveways to clear paths for friends and neighbours in the community.
The groups have received a lot of positive feedback, with many people posting photos of the acts of kindness on Social Media.  One member of the community was particularly touched by the kindness of the students and wrote them to say they would be adopting two donkeys, named Cocoa and Moses, who live at the Donkey Sanctuary in Birmingham.
Members of the OPP were happy to see how the children learned about the domino effect of doing something kind in the community.