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North Perth Will Be Walking For A While

TOWNSHIP OF MAPLETON – Getting caught speeding is one thing, but getting caught going double the posted speed limit while intoxicated is another.
None of it was good news for a man from North Perth, as Wellington OPP caught him on County Road 7 in Mapleton Township going 160km/hr in the posted 80km/hr zone.
Police also conducted a roadside screening test which the driver failed, at which point police arrested 44 year old David Jason Munroe.
He has been charged with Driving with Over 80 mgs of alcohol in 100mL of blood, and Driving a motor vehicle with open liquor and Racing.
Munroe’s licence has been suspended for 90 days, his vehicle impounded for 7 days.  He is scheduled to appear in Guelph court on February 23rd.