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New Community Growth Plan is ready

WELLINGTON NORTH – The Township of Wellington North has been provided with a final plan for the Community Growth Plan.
GSP Group has been working with a local steering committee to form the plan for over a year now. They were able to gather public input through online surveys and Open Houses. Five Project Steering Committee Meetings were held with the eighteen community leaders, including council, who made up the Growth Plan Steering Committee and Mayor Andy Lennox expressed his gratitude to this committee for their leadership, direction and guidance throughout the process.
Mayor Andy Lennox
Marianne  Christie
Jim Coffey
Councillor Sherry Burke
Paula Coffey
James Craig
Councillor Lisa Hern
Teresa Hutchinson
Jim Klujber
Councillor Steve McCabe
Brett Parker
Julie Silva
Councillor Dan Yake
Jim Taylor
Murray Townsend
C.A.O. Mike Givens
County Rep Aldo Salis
Marty Young
The plan outlines three Growth Management Goals. The CGP identified three Growth Management Goals:
1. Direct/focus development to urban areas
2. Orderly, compact development
3. Growth pays for itself
You can now read the entire report online at the wellington-north.com.