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Stunt Driving Still A Problem, Even On Slippery Roads

WELLINGTON COUNTY – Despite the wintery weather, stunt driving is still happening on the roads.
Constable Laura Lee Brown says drivers need to drive according to the weather conditions.
“The stopping distance for any vehicle whether the roads are wet, dry, covered in snow or ice it increases significantly when those weather conditions are presentĀ  So just stopping while obeying the posted speed limit can be difficult enough.”
Going more than 50km/hour over the posted speed limit or driving in a reckless or dangerous manner constitutes stunt driving and will result in getting slapped with a stunt driving charge and an automatic licence suspension and towing and impounding of the vehicle being driven.
Brown offers advice on what to do if you spot someone driving erratically or too fast.
“Pull over and call 911 immediately, provided that it’s not an emergency, people can useĀ 1-888-310-1122, but we would encourage any driver that sees anything of concern to call police right away, and to slow down and arrive safely because it is worth it.”