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OPP urge snowmobile safety

WELLINGTON COUNTY – Snowmobile season is in full swing in Wellington County and police are reminding riders to use caution and be safe.
Already this season three people have died on sleds in Ontario. Constable Stacy Culbert say the OPP really just want to preach safety first.
“If you are going to be driving at night, making sure you are reducing your speed, some of those hazards that are out there are definitely harder to see in the dark, using your headlights on an ATV or a snow machine at all time.”
Culbert says it’s also important that everyone can see you.
“Always wear reflective clothing and markings, it’s a no brainer, you must have your helmet on, it’s the law but it also means that your passengers as well as drivers have to have that helmet on and it is a proper standard helmet that’s approved.”
Culbert says they do recommend travelling in pairs.
“If you can’t travel in pairs, tell people where you are going, tell them the route you are going and what time you are expected to return.”
Police are also reminding everyone that the penalties for drinking and driving are the exact same whether you are caught in your car or on a snowmobile.