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New Shuffleboard League For Mapleton Thanks To Grant.

MAPLETON – It’s Christmas in January for the Seniors Centre for Excellence as they are the recipients of a $24,995 grant from the New Horizons Seniors Program.
The federal program assists seniors that want to make a positive difference in their community.
The grant will be used to launch a new Shuffleboard league in Mapleton.  Research shows that programs like this encourage seniors to live a more active lifestyle as well as providing the benefits of social interaction.
One of Mapleton’s senior residents, Gord Oosterveld came up with the idea for the league as he once organized a winter league in Florida.
“My wife, Ann, and I used to travel to Florida to organize a shuffleboard league that had over 80 players, due to health reasons, we’re not able to travel as much as we used to.  Projects like these will help to encourage seniors from Mapleton, and across Wellington County, to stay active and share their knowledge, skills and experience with others.”
The Seniors’ Centre for Excellence will be managing the league, with the help from a new part-time Coordinator and some volunteer seniors from Wellington County.
Helen Edwards is the Seniors’ Health Services Coordinator at the Seniors’ Centre for Excellence, she says seniors are more at risk of isolation in the winter month and the program will help in that area.
“By launching a wintertime, indoor shuffleboard league, we will ensure that our seniors have more opportunity to be both physically and socially active in the Township of Mapleton.”
The program is scheduled to begin in February and a celebratory banquet will be held in June.