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2017 Crime Stopper’s Cornerstone Award For Wightman

CLIFFORD – Crime Stoppers of Guelph Wellington has announced the Cornerstone winners for 2017.
They are Wightman TV, based out of Clifford and Local Content TV Producer Adam Olivero. The Cornerstone awards are handed out to individuals, businesses or community groups that
demonstrate outstanding contributions to the CSGW program. It is awarded annually in January during Crime Stoppers Month.
Program Coordinator for CSGW Sarah Bowers-Peter says the program relies on the help from local media.
“Crime Stoppers is built on a partnership that includes media. TV has been a shining example of a media resource that many programs wish they could have. We are very fortunate to have the support of
Wightman TV, and the enthusiasm of Adam Olivero.”
Wightman TV has been running a Crime Stoppers segment with Olivero and Bowers Peter since 2014. Local crimes are featured and the coverage has led to the arrests of several criminals. While the awards are significant, this is not the sole reason behind the decision, according to Bowers-Peter. Wightman TV was keen to join in on the recent Human Trafficking awareness event It Takes A Village, and will be developing a number of episodes for the Community Channel 6 as a result.
“The Board of Directors feels that when it comes to reaching out to some of the central and northern communities of Wellington County, Wightman TV is ready to help. Awareness is a large part of what makes Crime Stoppers work, and we recognize the role Wightman TV plays in this.”
Olivero sees the partnership continuing for years to come.
“Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington has always been a joy to work with,” said Olivero. “I feel that our shows on Wightman Community TV help make our viewers aware of the Crime Stoppers program and the types of crime to watch out for in their community. I am very proud
to receive the Cornerstone Award for 2017 and look forward to continuing our partnership with Sarah and the Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington program.”
The award enforces Wightman’s commitment to the community, according to Hope Reidt, Manager of Marketing for Wightman.
“Two of Wightman’s values are Community Partnership and Safety, and our work with Crime Stoppers is one way we live these values. Wightman is proud to support Crime Stoppers through our ongoing coverage on Wightman Community TV, and we will continue to highlight the great work that Crime Stoppers does.”