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Pettapiece has concerns with Liberal’s Bill 148

Perth Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece is worried about the Liberal Governments Bill 148, the Fair Workplace, Better Jobs Act.
He says it could have a devastating impact on services for people with developmental disabilities. On Monday he brought up the issue during Question Period at Queens Park.
“Last spring the government introduced Bill 148, making drastic changes to employment and labour laws. They did no cost-benefit analysis and now, social service agencies face millions in new costs.”
Pettapeice called on the Minister of Community and Social Services to protect them from her own government’s policies.
“The Minister is not listening to OASIS and its members. Many agencies have not seen a core funding increase in nine years and OASIS estimates Bill 148 will add at least $55.96 million in new costs.”
Pettapiece also pointed out that Community Living Toronto recently estimated a reduction in 80,000 service hours per year with 40+ full-time jobs cut.
He says social service agencies like OASIS who have complained publicly are faced with millions of dollars in new costs from Bill 148.
In her response, Minister Helena Jaczek stated that she is “extremely aware” of the concerns raised by OASIS and other developmental services agencies. Yet, the minister offered no assurances that her ministry would address these extraordinary new costs.
Pettapiece expressed great frustration with the government’s lack of commitment.
“To say she is ‘aware’ of this problem just isn’t good enough. People with developmental disabilities and their families deserve real action—not just empty words.”