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Minto Women Averted A Texting Phone Scam

MINTO – Wellington OPP are investigating after a woman from the Town of Minto was hit with a phone scam through texting.
Police say the victim receieved a text message on Wednesday night that claimed they were from Rogers Wireless. The message indicated that there was an overpayemnt on her account. In order to transfer the funds the woman was told to click the link provided and submit the required information.
This turned out to be a scam and the goal was to get her banking information. The woman became suspicious when the link asked her for her credit card CCV number and ATM in number.
Modern, tech-savvy scammers have the ability to create very convincing scams. They won’t hesitate to use the name of a legitimate company in an effort to gain your trust and trick you into paying them. Always be cautious with unsolicited email, phone calls, letters, even visitors at your door. Always be certain who you are dealing with before you ever consider sending money or sharing personal information.