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OPP’s Traffic Management Plan Targets High Numbers of Fatal Crashes

LONDON – The West Region of Ontario which includes Wellington County has the highest number of fatalities on OPP patrolled roadways.
This year alone out of 78 fatal accidents, 90 people have lost their lives.
In 2016 there was a 25% increase in fatal crashes. As a result to the increase in fatal car accidents OPP have created a successful Traffic Management Plan with an increase in Ariel and Ground enforcement’s. Since the start of the program OPP have noticed an 8% decrease in number of injuries and a 5% decrease in the number of fatalities.
The Ariel and Ground Enforcement Program involves 127 officers and has charged over 500 drivers, 287 of the drivers were charged with distracted driving and failure to wear seat belts. They have also inspected 36  vehicles and took 7 of the vehicles off the road and out of service. The OPP hope to see a 21% decrease in the number of car accidents.
Traffic and Marine Inspector Lisa Anderson says…
“We’re doing our part through education, awareness and enforcement and we’re seeing results. Police enforcement cannot be everywhere all the time. The only way to significantly impact the number of people killed in collisions is to change driver behaviour. Be accountable for your driving behaviour before your driving behaviour holds you accountable!”