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Minto’s PitchIt! Winner Announced

TOWN of MINTO – Shrimp Canada has won this years PitchIt! Business Plan Competition.
Pitch It was started in 2012 by the Town of Minto has a way to grow small businesses in Minto and increase the awareness of the resources available. A total of 9 businesses applied for the award this year. The four finalists were then asked to submit full business plans and make a presentation to a panel of judges in early June. The River’s own Rob Mattice was one of the judges.
The four finalists were: Shrimp Canada, Ag. Business & Crop Inc., Harriston Preschool and Alpaca Time. Past President of the Minto Chamber of Commerce John Burgess says this was one of the tightest competitions ever.
“This was an amazing group of local entrepreneurs. I found their business plans, presentations and enthusiasm made judging a real pleasure and even after all was said and done I could not have even guessed who would win they were all that good, and as it turned out ,this was the closest competition ever.”
Shrimp Canada took home the stop spot and it is owned by Dr. Ranjan Pradhan and is a new start-up business based in Guelph that will be establishing a shrimp hatchery within the Palmerston Industrial Park.
Shrimp Canada will be initiating the sustainable farming and sale of fresh white leg shrimp to local seafood distributors and consumers. Dr. Pradhan was thrilled tow in the top prize.
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Town, the judges, the Mayor and Council and all the people of the Town for the support and encouragement. I felt so welcomed to the community during my previous meeting with the Mayor, and now winning this competition has made Shrimp Canada so inclusive to the diversity and growth of the Town. I am proud to be part of the Pitch it Minto competition. The motivation from the outcome of this competition will surely shape my business for a great future in Minto and I am committed to drive it towards safe and sustainable employment generation in the community.”
Thanks to the generous support of community sponsors all finalists will receive over $1,500 worth of prizing and the winner will take home over $12,500 in cash and prizes.