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Let’s help people afflicted with MS

For a lot of people living with MS, driving their car is an act of independence. This weekend, you can play a small part in ensuring people living with MS are a full part of their communities.

Visit a Mr. Lube location from May 6-8 to get an oil change, and a $2 donation will go toward ending MS in Canada on behalf of Mr. Lube.

“When I had to quit work due to my MS, my world got infinitely smaller and I felt isolated. My husband and I live about 25 kilometres outside of the city, and there’s no transportation services available here for people like me. He’s a truck driver and works nights, which means he sleeps for the majority of the day and is often unable to take me out. I couldn’t imagine what I would do if I was unable to drive. So much of my freedom and happiness comes from being able to go into the city to my MS support groups, shop, and visit my oldest daughter and beautiful grandchildren.

Most days I use a cane to keep myself stable because of the weakness and pain I have in my legs, which I can’t control. I’ve fallen a couple times and would hate to do it in public. I’m so grateful that I’m still able to drive it gives me a sense of liberty, and I hope it won’t be taken away from me if my MS progresses.”

– Denise, diagnosed with MS in 2010

When you visit a Mr. Lube this weekend, you will allow people like Denise to keep their independence by enabling ongoing research into things like progressive MS, vitamin D, pediatric MS, diet and exercise and mesenchymal stem cells.

Thank you for joining the fight to end MS!

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