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Saugeen Community Radio is broadcasting on 88.7

onair1Today at 8am 22 September 2015, Saugeen Community Radio officially launched at 88.7 on the FM dial broadcasting a signal from our transmitter site just South of Mt Forest.

We will continue to test the signal, but reports so far are very positive with a strong FM signal being heard over Mt Forest and North Wellington. John Tyson the chair of Saugeen Community Radio says “It was a great to see our FM transmitter finally turned on and I’d like to thank all those in the area who have been so supportive of the concept of bringing a local community radio station to Mt Forest. Now all the hard work begins.”

The station will continue in test mode for a few weeks while we build out the studios, recruit staff and get everything in place. If you live in the area, have some broadcast experience or feel you would like to learn about radio, and have a few hours to spare each week please fill out the volunteer form and we’ll be ┬áin contact with you.